The Ranger Point Precision Lever Action Shotgun

    The good people at Ranger Point Precision have been on quite the roll recently. As I contemplate one of their custom .40S&W lever action carbines (yes, you heard that right), they have just announced the release of another gun from my growing wishlist: a Marlin .410 lever action shotgun. Born from a donated Marlin 336 in .30-30, the RPP scattergun is lighter and has more shell capacity than the official version released in 2004 that was built on a hefty 444 frame.

    This gun looks like some serious fun that can also pull double duty as an around-the-homestead workhorse.

    Ranger Point Precision RPP Marlin .410 Levergun @TFB

    RPP Marlin .410 Levergun @TFB

    From the Ranger Point Precision Website:

    We’re pleased to reintroduce the Marlin .410 Lever-Action Shotgun, with our own twist. We loved the idea of a lever-action shotgun, but wanted to improve on the Marlin 410 design so that it could be a handy piece for the ranch, the truck, the woods, or the homesteader. We also knew that there are millions of Marlin 336’s sitting around that might enjoy a new life as something other than a .30-30. So that’s where we started. In fact, the old Marlin 336 that we started with was one that we affectionately called Donkey, because it looked like it had been kicked by one repeatedly. What you see here is the end result of our Marlin 336’s transformation to a 410 lever-action shotgun, with a light profile, threaded 20.5″ Douglas barrel and magazine tube for 6+1 capacity, custom camo and all weather textured stocks w/ weight reduction cutout and forend M-LOK panels.


    RPP Marlin .410 Levergun @TFB


    RPP Marlin .410 Levergun @TFB


    RPP Marlin .410 Levergun @TFB

    Specifications and Pricing – Ranger Point Marlin 336 Lever-Action 410 Shotgun

    Basic conversion includes:

    • New Douglas cylindrical smooth bore barrel that’s been chambered, fitted, head spaced and dovetails cut (your choice 18.5″- 20″)
    • Converted full-length magazine tube (18.5″ to 20″) with bulge for side loading 2.5” shells and 6+1 capacity
    • Action and ejection port modifications
    • Ranger Point Triangular Front Sight (Day sight with orange)
    • Marlin 336 .30.30 donor rifle will maintain its factory appearance (metal + wood stocks)

    Basic conversion price:

    $780 + Marlin 336 .30-.30 donor rifle (Ranger Point can also procure one for you)
    Completed in 8-10 weeks

    Available Options:

    • Extra long barrel (up to 24″) with matching full-length magazine tube
    • M-LOK panels in forend stock for accessory attachment (e.g. flashlight)
    • Threaded muzzle
    • Muzzle brake, breachers, chokes (if there’s enough demand)
    • Slick action and trigger tuning (down to 3 lbs.)
    • Ambi flush cup sling mounts
    • Ranger Point Scope Mount Base / Sight Set for mounting a Red Dot / Holo Sights
    • Ranger Point Integrated Night Sight Set and Scope Mount Base
    • Ranger Point Medium Loop Lever
    • All weather textured coating on the stocks; KG Gun Kote on the metal (one color, camo, custom design)
    • Butt Stock cut-out for weight reduction (standard 20″ model just under 7 lbs.)

    Muttering about the price? After you factor in a new Douglas barrel, parts and the hours of labor that go into each build, the retail cost is perfectly reasonable for a custom gun of this caliber (gauge).

    One option to consider is Ranger Point’s patent pending triangular sight set. The combination optics mounting rail and iron sights seems to be perfectly suited for fast-swinging carbines like those made by RPP.

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