IWI Releases Jericho JGear Pistol Kit

    IWI is now offering their Jericho pistols in a complete shooter’s package. These JGear Pistol kits include a custom case, JGear paddle holster and paddel double magazine pouch as well as the Uplula mag loader. You can get the Jerichos in either steel or polymer frame and they will come with Meprolight Tritium night sights.

    The Jerichos retail for $559 or $665 depending if you go polymer or steel frame. The JGear Pistol kits will only set you back an additional $140. So they will be $669 or $779. Clearly the Steel Frame kit is a better buy since the difference is only $125 over the $140 difference for the polymer kit.

    Kit Contents:

    • Jericho® 941™ pistol (F9, FS9, PL9 or PSL9) with Meprolight® Tru-Dot® Tritium night sights
    • Fully adjustable carry angle polymer paddle holster
    • Fully adjustable carry angle polymer double mag holder
    • Maglula® UpLula™ pistol magazine loader
    • Safety cable lock
    • Cleaning rod & cleaning brushes
    • Lockable carry case

    These models are not available in CA or MA.

    Caliber 9mm Para (9x19mm)

    Action Semi-auto

    Operating System Short Recoil

    Magazine Type IWI: PL9, PSL9 with polymer baseplate, F9 & FS9 with steel baseplate

    Magazine Capacity 2 – 16 round 9mm Para (9x19mm)

    Barrel Type Cold hammer forged, CrMoV

    Barrel Length Full Size – 4.4″
    Mid Size – 3.8″

    Overall Length Full Size – 8.2″
    Mid Size – 7.6″

    Pistol Weight (without mag) Full size – 2.3 lbs (steel frame) 1.75 lbs (polymer frame)
    Mid size – 1.95 lbs (steel frame) 1.6 lbs (polymer frame)

    Rifling Polygonal, 1:10 RH

    Grip Color Black with IWI logo

    Sights Meprolight® Tru-Dot® Tritium night sights

    Restricted States Not available in CA, CO*, CT*, DC*, HI*, IL*/**, MA, MD*, NJ*, NY*

    MSRP Steel Frame – $779.00
    Polymer Frame – $699.00
    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
    Night Vision & Thermal Aficionado
    Flashlight/Laser Enthusiast
    USPSA competitor

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