FirstSpear 1911 Base Pad for Chip McCormick Magazines

    The 1911 is over 100 years old (and quickly approaching 110 at that) and yet companies are still putting time, money, investment, and energy into new products for the platform. Latest to the fore is FirstSpear, a small innovative company focusing on new products and rapid development. Typically known for their first-rate tactical nylon, it would seem they are expanding into hard weapons accessories.


    Their new FS 1911 Magazine Base Pad is a billet-aluminum machined pad for Chip McCormick 1911 magazines. The new base pad is a classic example of something looking good as the form follows the function.

    The bottom of the pad is textured using a ball end mill. The texturing grabs the hand when trying to seat the magazine and the central cut is deeper, designed to keep a retention tab of a magazine pouch in place. The toe of the base pad is scooped out to help with getting finger in to remove stuck magazine and aluminum itself increases the weight of the magazine to assist with drop-free reloads.


    The FS 1911 Magazine Base Pad retails for $36.00 and currently only available in a completed magazine. Likewise, one can have any color so long as the color is black.

    No word on if the series will be expanded for various colors,  capacities, or other magazine manufacturers. I, for one, would love to see this for 10 round mags making them perfect for “Heavy Metal” divisions or an option for Wilson Combat magazines.


    Nathan S

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