“Tricking your stick with Nate and Trav” – six videos helping set up your AR-15

    Haley Strategic Partners has released a series of short videos, where Travis Haley and Nathan LeCompte talk about setting up your AR-15 style rifle. Each of six videos is dedicated to a certain subject: buttstocks, pistol grips, foregrips, triggers, lights and optics.

    You can find the videos below with short descriptions of their contents:

    Buttstocks (1 of 6)

    In the first video Nate tells how to find the perfect buttstock length for your body, which will also balance the rifle and make your manipulations as efficient as possible.

    Pistol Grips (2 of 6)

    Travis Haley talks here about AR-15 pistol grips: What grip angle is ideal for you? How does pistol grip work with your biomechanics and affect your speed and trigger control?

    foregrips (3 of 6)

    In this episode Nate discusses the history and evolution of foregrips. He shows the way of finding the perfect spot on your rifle’s forearm to mount the foregrip on.

    Triggers (4 of 6)

    In the fourth video Travis talks about different categories and shapes of triggers, as well as single and two stage ones. He also shares his “trigger control formula”, which allows you to better understand how to shoot fast and efficiently.

    Weapon Lights (5 of 6)

    In this video Nate tells quick tips about how and where to mount a light on your carbine.

    Optics (6 of 6)

    In the last episode Travis discusses the sighting devices and techniques. Starting with iron sights and from the basic question of if you even need them, all the way to red dot sights and variable power scopes. He also tells a good thinking method of judging different situations and making the best decision in terms of setting up and deploying your weapon sights.


    I think these series of videos contain a set of very useful tips from professionals like Travis and Nathan. I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did !

    Hrachya H

    Managing Editor

    Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying the history and design of guns and ammunition. He also writes for OvertDefense.com and SilahReport.com
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