Sneak Peek: Inland T3 Carbine

    Inland Manufacturing posted on their Facebook page pictures of their new Inland T3 rifle. It is a reproduction of M1 Carbine with T3 scope mount, also known as T3 Carbine.

    Inland T3 Rifle - 2

    They’ve developed this rifle based on huge customer request of a scoped version of the M1 Carbine. The rifle features an integral T3 scope mount with Redfield type scope rings. They’ll also offer a version equipped with Hi-Lux vintage reproduction William Malcolm M82 scope. The scope is a 2.5X fixed power one. Inland T3 Carbine will also come with an era correct cone-shaped flash hider.

    Inland T3 Rifle - 3

    Historical Note

    T3 Carbine was the modification of M1 Carbine with an added integral scope mount. The mount was brazed and pinned on the receiver. These T3 Carbines had a very limited production of less than 2000 made, and most of them were demilitarized after WW2. It was initially used with a similar scope as one on the replica, as well as with an infrared scope and spotlight. This configuration of the rifle saw action during WW2 in Okinawa (1945). Later, in Korean War, the carbine was upgraded with M3 package, which included a slightly different scope base for the infrared scope.


    I think they will definitely show this T3 Carbine in SHOT Show 2017. It would also be nice to see them offering an M3 Carbine replica too, although the scope will be quite of a challenge to make a replica of.

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