CHRISTMAS WISH LIST: Ballistic Concepts

    Ballistic Concepts

    When it comes to Christmas its nice to receive things you want as opposed to need. I absolutely need firearms and an endless supply of ammo so that is not going to be listed here. A more crafty item that people may not have heard of comes from Ballistic Concepts. Instead of having a cliche rubik’s cube on your desk or a ficus plant in your office, check these out! (And put them on your X-Mas list, of course)

    Ballistic Concepts

    An individual out of Syracuse, New York is making bullet displays like none other. The owner, Tony, calls his works of art archetype ammunition displays and they are truly unique. He uses all inert materials so there is no flammability hazard or cause for concern with the primer if you drop the display. Better yet, you do not have to pay hazmat to get one of these sitting on your desk. The displays look like something in slow-motion out of a movie.

    Each component (the primer cup, anvil, cartridge case, gunpowder, and bullet) have been expanded out along a central axis and in an order to show how and where they fit together to make a live “round” of ammunition.

    Ballistic Concepts

    G2 Research “Radically Invasive Projectile” (R.I.P.) 10mm Round

    These displays are available in 35 different configurations and/or calibers. You can also make special requests for unique ammo or projectiles you may own. Some more exotic ones available are 35mm Vulcan and 40mm Grenade rounds.

    The displays were initially meant for courtroom use, but the small size did not go over well for explaining court matters. Not surprisingly, gun enthusiasts have taken to these like a bee to honey.

    Be sure to pencil this into your Christmas list so Santa does not forget!

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