[Red Oktober 2016] Circle 10 AK Compensators

    Circle 10 AK showcased their line of muzzle brakes and flash suppressors at Red Oktober this year. In regards to their muzzle brakes, the company makes two thread sizes, 14mm for standard Kalashnikov muzzle threading, and 24mm for AK74 or a number of AKSU inspired offshoots and designs. Both thread pitches can be ordered with either right hand or left hand threading. Going for a reduction in weight, Circle 10 offers the same designs but in titanium instead of 4140 steel. In addition, there is a shorter two port version available compared to the standard three port version.

    Also on display was Circle 10 AK’s 4 pronged flash suppressor, also available in 24mm or 14mm thread pitches. The knurling on the flash suppressor is extremely aggressive, and appears to greatly increase the rigidity of the steel.

    Not a muzzle brake or flash suppressor but also noteworthy is Circle 10 AKs U-Notch rear sight. The device directly replaces the standard rear sight on any Kalashnikov, allowing a built in back up iron sight. Although it appears simple, the device has a significant amount of thought put into it. Because it simply replaces the rear sight, it can be done at home and without removing parts that a gunsmith would be needed for. The rear sight itself has an peep portion, intended for under 100 meters, while there is a standard cut at the top, for shooting further than 100 meters.

    Titaniam 3 port muzzle brake, with 24mm on the left, and 14mm on the rightDSC05821 DSC05823 DSC05829

    Steel 3 port 14mm muzzle brake

    DSC05835 DSC05837

    Steel 2 port muzzle brake, 14mm and 24mm


    In comparison


    DSC05851 DSC05853

    U-Notch rear sightDSC05875 DSC05877 DSC05966 DSC05967


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