Clear Image Solutions – Red-Dot / Iron Sight Hybrid

    Well wouldya lookie here? An innovative take on iron sights courtesy of industry newcomer Clear Image Solutions. Protected by US Patent #8,925,238, Clear Image Solutions has developed a replacement front sight for iron sights that uses a free-floated dot instead of the common post. In short, its a piece of fiber optic inside a piece of glass, inside a piece of carbon steel.


    The Revolution Model 1776 (their first offering) is designed for “same plane” iron sight systems such as a top-rail height picatinny rail or a rail-height gas block. Intended for use as either/both the primary or secondary sighting system, the RM1776 is battery free dot solution that does not require a tower or post which can obscure the target. In fact, the RM1776 takes great pains to ensure that the target and its surrounding area are not obstructed with a massive window.

    Clear Image Solutions claims the sight is rugged enough for four foot drops attached to the weapon so vigorous 3-gunners may find value in the sight, especially “limited” users for when a battery goes out. The primary optic (assuming its absolute co-witnessed) can be used as the rear aperture.


    The sight is available for purchase now, clocking in at $149.95 for the front sight and a three lens bundle of one amber, red, and green rod. Replacement lens are avalable in 3 packs for $19.95 and the red rod version can be purchased with various rod sizes (.060″, .040″, and .030″) to match the shooters preference.


    My only complaint? The sight does not fold. A quick-flip version would be ideal. Oh, and I don’t have a review sample in to test.

    • Machined from carbon steel, durable and passes the four foot drop test standard
    • Offering up to 40 MOA of elevation adjustment
    • Interchangeable lens system that features a light gathering fiber optic rod embedded in an abrasion resistant acrylic lens.  Negligible zero shift when changing lenses.
    • The fiber optic rod gathers all ambient light and provides a clear aiming reference (“dot”) for the shooter engaged in any shooting discipline including military and law enforcement
    • No tools necessary / quick release mounting system
    • No batteries or external power source necessary
    • NOTE – the M1776 is designed for use on single (same) plane mounting systems or receiver height railed gas blocks.
    Nathan S

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