AREX Rex Zero 1 Handgun -Passes Yet Another Gauntlet – 1,000 Rounds Back-To-Back

    Assuming Military Arms Channel’s AREX REX Zero 1 is representative of the batch of handguns, it would seem there is a real Sig “Killer” loose on the market (that bears a striking resemblance to it no less). So far, the AREX REX Zero 1 is the only only handgun to survive full “torture test” and “The Gauntlet” without a single malfunction.

    Using 22 magazines, a few friends, and some sponsored ammunition, Tim fired 1,000 rounds through the handgun straight. Most firearms can be expected to last many times that number, firing 1,000 rounds straight is a rough duty cycle. Outside of repeated stress on the components, the heat from 1,000 rounds is prodigous, which causes various metal parts to react in different ways. At extreme temperatures, poorly manufactured steel can start to anneal or springs are liable to malfunction.

    While the Sig performed well compared the the REX Zero 1 in the same torture test, its impressive for the handgun to go 1,000 rounds without a malfunction under the duty cycle. Frankly put, outside machine guns, weapons are not designed to handle that heat.

    For those interested in the Slovenian handgun, the full-size model is currently imported into the US. The compact and “combat” models are being manufactured, but have not yet made it to our shores. 

    Nathan S

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