Young Marines – Glock 30:th Anniversary G17 Gen4

    Glock has donated one of the thirty anniversary pistols to the Young Marines.

    The pistol is a 30:th Anniversary G17 Generation 4, with serial 30USA22.

    The G17 has very special engravings made by Bertram Edmonston, IV, who is a Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA) Master Engraver.

    Note the “Young Marines” inscription.


    According to the website: “GLOCK has been the major corporate sponsor of the Young Marines since 2002. The Young Marines is the leader in Drug Demand Reduction education and has set new standards for recognizing the contributions of America’s veterans. GLOCK is the sponsor of the National Leadership Academy which promotes and develops character-building skills in our junior, senior and advanced Young Marines leaders.”


    The engraver Bertram Edmonston, IV is a third generation hand engraver and manufacturing jeweler, and his website can be found here:


    According to Gaston Glock: “2016 marks the 30th anniversary of our entry into the U.S. market. To commemorate the occasion, 30 anniversary pistols have been uniquely hand-engraved by 5 Master Engravers. The exclusive pistols will be presented throughout the year to exceptional individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the success of GLOCK. Each of these G17s includes a limited production serial number and a certificate of authenticity signed by me.

    When I brought the GLOCK 17 to America in 1986, I could not have imagined or predicted the success that GLOCK enjoys today. GLOCKs are now the weapon of choice for over 65 percent of the law enforcement agencies across the United States, and they’re used in more than 50 elite military units worldwide. Our pistols are the choice of millions for personal or home protection and target shooting. Today, our plant in America produces GLOCKs with the same quality and precision as those produced in Austria, with a staff and organization totally committed to serving our customers.

    We are as dedicated today as we were 30 years ago to making the very best pistols on the market, pistols designed to meet your needs and expectations. We cannot thank you enough for your trust and your support. It is what drives us every day.


    If you place the winning bid, your G17 will come with a custom display case along with a certificate of authenticity signed by Gaston Glock. Depending on the size of the bid, this might be a pretty good investment, as long as you leave the gun in the case.


    At the time of writing this article, the bid was USD $5000.



    To find out more visit:


    Eric B

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