POTD: M93R Machine Pistol

    Another Full Auto Friday brings the Beretta P93R is an iconic machine pistol. It was designed in the 70s for use by Italian Counter Terrorism units. The “R” in M93R stands for Raffica, which translates to “burst”.

    The M93R was developed from the 92 series of pistols. It has a two mode selector switch for semi auto and a three round burst. Some have modified it to shoot full auto. As you can see in the photo, it has a steel folding stock and a folding grip. The folding forward grip only opens 45 degrees rather than a full 90 degrees so it is not a vertical grip. The trigger guard has been enlarged so the shooter can fit both their support thumb and trigger finger inside. The FN P90 has a similar trigger guard.

    I have had the pleasure to shoot a full auto M93R and the 1,100 round per minute rate of fire makes it a bit difficult to control. The grip helps a bit but I found the stock did not help much. The position is at the heel of the grip. This creates a pivot point for the gun to easily rotate up the shoulder.

    Regardless of the non-ergonomic design, the M93R is a very good looking weapon and fun to shoot. I highly recommend firing a couple mags if you get the chance.