LA-K12 Bullpup Shotgun

    Edward O wrote a review of the QBZ style bullpup shotgun on The LA-K12 Puma was imported last year into Canada. It is a Chinese made bullpup 12 Ga magazine fed shotgun. According to Edward, the Puma is a collaboration between Lever Arms and the private Kuandian Shotgun Factory in Liaoning, China.

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    Like me he was interested in its competitive potential. There are some issues with the gun. Such as the charging handle is attached to the bolt so there is extra mass. The two major issues Edward had was cycling light target loads and since there is no choke, it was difficult knocking down steel. He suggested using heavier loads like #4 or #6. I wonder if he went with higher dram rather than bigger shot size? Or perhaps used high brass rounds which typically are used in other mag fed shotguns for reliability.

    The LA-K12 Puma has a pinned flash hider. It would be interesting to see if it is threaded like a Vepr12 or Saiga then one could use an external choke.


    Edward goes on to explain that the LA-K12 is best suited to use a “PLA Reload”

    In a PLA reload, your weak hand stays on the fore-grip of the rifle, and your shooting hand removes the spent magazine, retrieves a magazine from the strong side of your body, inserts the magazine, and releases the bolt. This breaks the rule of “fire control at all times” but can make for a smoother reload when you have small, stiff controls like on the Puma.

    I wonder if there are higher capacity magazines for the LA-K12? What magazines does it use? They look similar to the Catamount Fury magazines, but I would prefer to use Vepr12 magazines.

    I think chopping down the barrel and making it into a SBS with a Salvo12 would be very interesting. Unfortunately the LA-K12 is not imported into the US. Sometimes Canadians get cooler stuff than we do in the US. It almost makes up for the restrictions they have.

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