Blitzkrieg Components Releases New AR Front Sight Options

    Blitzkrieg Components makes some pretty cool replacement front sights for the AR-15, including this Chevron Night Sight as well as this Tritium Dot version that they released last year which doesn’t require a light source to charge it. Blitzkrieg Components is now offering even more AR front sight options. One of their new options is a Chevron front sight post in bright orange with or without an option of a Tritium dot. Bright orange will also be available in a spike shaped sight post style for use with the Magpul MBUS PRO front sights.

    Another new option from Blitzkrieg Components is a white stripe Chevron front sight also with the option of a Tritium dot or a spike shaped post. Both the orange and white paint options do not glow however, but Blitzkrieg Components does make a night sight style front sight in luminescent green that does glow in the dark. All of the new front sights from Blitzkrieg Components are made out of machined stainless steel with a black nitride finish. All the front sight options are compatible with any AR front sights that can use a standard style front sight post, installation is drop-in. The front sights for the Magpul MBUS PRO are also super easy to install. Check out for more info.



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