The Journey of a Firearm from legal to illegal

    There’s an interesting story at StoryMap where we follow a legally produced firearm into the darker corners of ownership and use.

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    In the U.K., the National Crime Agency and National Counter Terrorism Policing have joined forces to  prevent criminals and terrorists gaining access to firearms and ammunition.




    Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, the head of National Counter-Terrorism Policing:

    Despite our good work we know that firearms can enter the criminal market through a variety of means, including thefts from legitimate holders or dealers. Law enforcement, together with security and intelligence services, are working tirelessly to locate these weapons, confront the terrorist threat and keep the public safe.” said Mark Rowley. (National Counter Terrorism Policing)

    NCA’s Director General, Lynne Owens, continues:

    To stop weapons getting into the wrong hands we need intelligence about the firearms being used, both the supply and the access to them.

    The UK threat level from international terrorism remains high, but there has been at least 10 foiled terrorist attacks in the last 2 years.

    Check out the hypothetical journey of a firearm, from legal to illegal into the UK (or any other country for that matter).

    The story starts with legally produced weapons, often from Eastern Europe. Another example is online sales, from Darknet / TOR, from the US to Europe.

    Pictured below, CZ 858 / vz 58, in 7,62×39 mm, with a side-folding paratrooper stock.


    Apparently, Amsterdam in the Netherlands is a popular transit for illegal goods (I’m sure, drugs too) into the UK.


    Online sales on the dark web is mentioned as a source, then shipped through normal postal services.




    You could say that United Kingdom’s ban on (most) firearms is far from successful. All it seems to have succeeded in is to ban law abiding people from ownership.

    Check out the StoryMap – The Journey of a Firearm – from legal to illegal

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