Finally! An AK Receiver Optic Rail – No Welds Required

    As is common here in the US for our military service rifle, the AR tends to get all the love when it comes to removable optics rails for the “old” style receivers. With easily replaced handguards, various carry handle mounts, and eventually the “A3” upper receiver which has come to the standard for uppers, the AR has a lot of options for mounting optics.

    The AK? Not so much. Its basic design never accounted for the mounting of optics and many would argue that the design itself is not conducive to their usage. The removable dust cover simply cannot hold zero reliably. As such, the Soviet Bloc adapted through the use of a welded side rail on the side of the weapons. But what about those weapons that did not come with the rail welded? Previously, they were “SOL.”


    Not anymore. A company dubbed Premier Shooting Solutions has invented an a weld-free rail mount for AK’s called the AK Master Mount. Using the hammer and trigger pin holes, the rail is screwed tightly into the receiver. The Master Mount is compatible with most stamped and milled receiver sets. Specifically, compatibility is detailed:

    This “no-mod” side rail is the perfect accessory for “early” AKs such as the MAK 90 and other Chinese models; Arsenal TM SA 93 and SLR 95. It also fits Century TM C39; Yugoslavian PAPs; AMD-63; Egyptian Maadi, M85, home builds and all milled and stamped AKs that utilize standard hammer and trigger axis pins.

    The AK Master Mount is compatible with existing AK receiver optics mounts. Various options are pictured including combloc surplus, modern scope rings, and various picatinny adapters for low-profile sighting solutions.

    Those interested in learning more can check our the AK Master Mount on Premier’s website. Pricing is set at $86 with $5.00 shipping per unit total. a9ba3e0b34449d6ebf42bc4a9efcc77c

    Nathan S

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