New record shots: .408 CheyTac at 4540 yards

    Monsieur Benjamin Gineste (France) has successfully shot a target at 4150 meters, or 4540 yards.

    He used a .408 CheyTac caliber rifle, with a scope mounted in an extreme 270 MOA inclination.

    From what I can understand from the french press release he fired 12 rounds and had 3 hits.

    The rifle seems to be a custom build, with lawton action and Lothar Walther barrel built by Bruno Put, the owner of Armeca (France). They have some really nice long range rifles on their homepage, make sure you check them out.

    The size of the target is most likely a 60 cm black circle, with a width of 128 cm and a height of 190 cm.

    Not long ago, TFB reported about Finnaccuracy‘s record shot(s) at 4380 yards with a SAKO TRG M-10, chambered in .375 CheyTac.

    Finnaccuracy’s story is worth a read in case you missed it, check here.

    Unfortunately there is not a lot of information or data about Mr. Gineste’s record shots, but here goes with what we know:


    The scope was secured in a Spuhr mount, but notice the extremely large spacer between the rifle and the mount.

    The 419 gr bullet reaches 930 meters per second, or 3051 feet per second.


    Below: Note the insane angle of the scope. Looks silly, but apparently what’s needed at these extreme distances.


    Earlier Benjamin Gineste has shot 3695 meters with his .408 CheyTac, or .408 Cheyenne Tactical.

    I for sure don’t mind record shots and attempts. However I would like some kind of standard to be set so we know more about the background, location, date and time, weather, wind, size and look of targets, how do you verify the actual distance, proof required etc.


    Above you can see the three hits ringed. I note that there is very little distance in the horizontal axis between the hits.

    Gineste is a French soldier of the 1:st RCA and the date of the record was October 29th 2016.

    Not trying to take away the honor of these remarkable hits, but can I fire 1000 random rounds at 5000 yards and claim I have the record if I find a hole in the paper? I guess not, so I just want some more reliable data for these records.


    Eric B

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