Wondering How A Glock Works? Lone Wolf Has You Covered

    Prior to taking the Glock Armorers course, I didn’t pay much attention to how a Glock functioned. I knew it worked and that was enough for me, but to understand how to diagnose the rare issues that might pop up with Glocks you need to understand how they work. During the class my instructor did a wonderful job of explaining how things work, but what took him close to a half an hour, Lone Wolf has done in about 7 minutes with their latest video.

    While the dialogue in the video is a bit mechanical, the voice does do a wonderful job of describing the firing process in great detail. After looking at other firearms in detail, the Glock’s operation is painfully simple.

    Click HERE to go look at the Lone Wolf product lineup, after all, they did spend the money to produce the video.

    Cover photo blatantly stolen from my friend Jeremy S. over at TTAG