Vitaly Bulgarov’s AR-15 DEX-stock

    So the Internet seem to have gone mental with the release of the HERA Arms CQB stock and front grip.

    To complicate things further, there were a few random pictures released filling up my social media flow.

    Was it the HERA once again, or another concept? They looked very similar.

    The pictures looked great, but I couldn’t recognize the logotype. Were they renderings or an actual product? I’m not sure I can tell even now. (They are renderings)

    The desire to know more was huge.


    Luckily, after a short while there was more information to be had:

    Thanks for the positive response! Please stay tuned for more info soon. Regarding one of the questions you guys had, yes we are making a CA, NY-compliant version and we’re also trying a few ideas how to do it without destroying the design identity.”

    The reply came from Mr. Vitaly Bulgarov, who is a concept designer based in California, USA. He mainly works with industries such as Computer Games, Films and Industrial Design. As you can imagine, the films he works with are movies like the Terminator, Transformers and Robocop and computer games like Stracraft 2 and Diablo 3.

    He continued: “Yes, the DEX stock is a real AR-15 compatible product and we are planning to release it early to mid 2017.

    They are also working on state compliant design variations, and also plan to release 3 different levels of the stock/grip combination. The levels will range from a more affordable entry level version to more expensive high-level version, with more features and more exclusive materials.

    From what I gather his interest in firearms and shooting has picked up lately, and he seems to own both an AR15 and a M2 Benelli with Taran Tactical upgrades.

    Back to the pictures. As you can see, the back end of the stock can be adjusted in length.

    As you can understand I haven’t tried it, most likely no one has, but by the looks of it the pistol grip has an angle that normally wouldn’t suit my liking. The angle must be steeper – I think. It must be more vertical.

    V-shape. Heart-looking middle.


    If they succeed in doing a nice 2k molding with that texture in some soft material, the end product would be rather nice. However it would most likely add quite a lot to the price, overmolds aren’t cheap.

    If you’ve tried the Magpul K2+ grips you know the feel I’m targeting (others may have different preferences), but the wrap-around rubber could actually be even a bit softer in my opinion.


    To make a CA compliant stock, they would have to add a plate of some kind, like on the HERA CQB, to “close” the pistol grip.

    2016-10-29 19.57.08

    The renderings on his website are to die for, they look really great.


    Above: Black Phoenix Corp. project.

    Below: “an old clunky gun I modeled and rendered in Zbrush about 6-7 years ago when I knew nothing about guns”


    Some more renderings. Unfortunately a lot of the detail is lost when the images are compressed.


    Robocop Concept below. I’m thinking AR-15 pistol here, with a brace.



    We mention the computer games already in the HERA Amrs article. Question is who influences who? There’s a little bit of the HALO BR55 Service Rifle (pictured below) involved in Bulgarov’s design, but I’m sure his rifle won’t come in 9.5x40mm M634 X-HP-SAP.


    From fantasy, back to the DEX stock, and the “real” world.

    Picture below: The stock collapsed and extended, I hope it will be less heavy than the Magpul UBR.

    I am also missing the possibility to attach a support mono-pod with a Picatinny at the back of the stock.


    In the renderings the plastic look like spark finish, with a high friction texture around the pistol grip. Possibly with the option to be able to change inserts, depending on the size of your hands – but this is pure speculation from my side and perhaps a hint to the producer.

    The metal inserts look fabulous. By the looks of it, the large round one would work as a sling mount.

    2016-10-29 19.57.24

    I guess this stock is not going to be available anytime soon, but it will be a nice addition to the ever growing AR-15 accessories list.

    I think they should have name the stock Bulg-AR-ov, but it seems we’re going to call it DEX.

    For more information, and the coolest renderings, please check Vitaly Bulgarov’s Instagram and Homepage.

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