POTD: Mateba Unica 6

    For Wheelgun Wedesday I present the Mateba Unica 6.  The revolver that the Chiappa Rhino was based upon. For those not familiar with Ghisoni’s work go check out matebafan.com for more info and video.

    TYPE: Double-action/single action semi-automatic revolver
    CALIBER: .357 magnum/.38 special, .44 magnum/.44 special, .454 Casull/.45 Long Colt
    CAPACITY: 6 rounds
    WEIGHT: 52.8oz/1498g
    CONSTRUCTION: Blued or nickeled steel, wood grips (nickel only produced through 2002)
    BARREL LENGTH: 3″, 4″, 6″ and 8″ interchangeable barrels available; .44 magnum and .454 Casull typically had compensators (note: the Mateba Grifone was a carbine variation of the Unica with an 18″ barrel)
    YEARS OF PRODUCTION: 1998-2004
    AMERICAN IMPORTERS: American Western Arms, American Arms International, Pars International
    IMPORTATION HISTORY: I’ve heard there are 1600 in the country, in different calibers, but that seems a little low and I can’t verify it. After importation ceased, CDNN Investments in Abilene, TX, sold off remaining quantities, parts and barrels at discount rates.