MOAR NYLON! HSGI Battle Belt Bridge

    For when your “War Belt” doesn’t have enough “War” in it, in steps the tactical nylon guru’s of High Speed Gear, Incorporated. Seeing the gap over a belt buckle as an unacceptable waste of space, they have invented and are now selling the Battle Belt Bridge. As the name implies, The Battle Belt Bridge bridges the gap from PALS / MOLLE webbing from one side of a belt, across the buckle, and securely mounting on the other side.


    All sarcasm aside, the idea is tactically sound. War belts are typically known to have gaps across the front of the operator, which is critical real estate when one considers the typical load-out. Typically, one carries not just ammunition but practical tools, medical supplies, batteries, etc. This is before any specialized mission which may require night vision, grenades, smoke, etc.Capture2

    The six rows of webbing the bridge carries could mean 6 AR mags (assuming double-stack), 3 grenades/smoke, multiple pistol mags, or an incredible amount of SMG magazines.

    To my amusement and with some serious irony, the mounting for the Battle Belt Bridge still loses some usable space to belt buckles, albeit smaller ones.

    Check out additional details from High Speed Gear, Inc. They have videos aplenty. Battle Belt Bridges are available now. Pricing is set at $35 for various colors including black, coyote, olive drab, wolf grey, and Multicam.


    Nathan S

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