Exclusive: New Tanfoglio Domina Open pistol and .40 Ltd Custom

    At the recent European IPSC Hangdun Championship in Hungary, Italian Tanfoglio had a booth to support its customers (thanks very much for the spare extractor, my gun ran without problems the last 2 days).

    They also showed some improvements and news, like the Tanfoglio Domina in .38 Super for IPSC Open (and similar divisions) as well as the .40 Limited Custom.

    The Domina is a development from the succesful Eric Gold Custom 2007 and 2010 Open guns.

    “Domina” comes from Tanfoglio dominating many of the IPSC handgun divisions, with shooters like Eric Grauffel (multiple World Champion), Stefan Ekstedt (multiple European Champion) and Johan Hansen.

    I’m sorry for the quality of the pictures. The weather was really bad, and these are taken inside a tent with poor lightning.

    I was not alone in thinking the black coating looked really nice on the Domina, but Tanfoglio tried convincing me it rather was a combination of black / dark blue.

    2016-10-05 12.17.28_resize

    New side racker and compensator.

    2016-10-05 12.17.37_resize

    That’s a very simple, but effective thumb rest.

    2016-10-05 12.17.45_resize

    Aimpoint from Sweden, H-1 Micro with 4 MOA, on a brand new Tanfoglio mount. Note the adjustability on the thumb rest.

    2016-10-05 12.24.36_resize

    2016-10-05 12.17.54_resize

    The Domina had just passed a 20 000 round test.

    2016-10-05 12.18.10_resize

    Shooter’s view. This is a prototype, so the finish will obviously be better when the model is in production.

    2016-10-05 12.18.44_resize

    2016-10-05 12.18.51_resize

    The slide now has the ability to ride a little bit further back, if needed.

    2016-10-05 12.21.01_resize

    The magwell is new, and can be retrofitted to current models. It looked really nice, and is already now available in a lot of colors (anodized).

    2016-10-05 12.22.29_resize

    The beaver-tail is now a bit deeper, allowing a deeper and higher grip, very nice.

    2016-10-05 12.22.32_resize

    This is the .40 Limited Custom, probably a really good choice for IPSC Standard Major.

    Italians and their colors, this one is called “Octanio Clear”. It looked really nice.

    2016-10-05 12.21.58-1_resize


    The Tanfoglio homepage can be found here.

    Eric B

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