Colt 1911 Machine Pistol

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

This one of a kind 1911 was made by Colt Industries and Swartz. It is claimed to be owned by @class3johnnie and it is transferrable. He claims he acquired it from the Colt Museum. It looks gorgeous.

Here is a video of him shooting it. I did not expect such a high rate of fire.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Voice_of_Reason Voice_of_Reason on Nov 01, 2016


  • Archie Montgomery Archie Montgomery on Nov 01, 2016

    I'm not surprised at the rate of fire; handguns have a very quick 'recovery' time. I am surprised at the control of recoil. Then again, the full auto pistols with which I am familiar are typically stockless - actually handguns.

    Interesting technical exercise.