Iraqi Gunsmithing: SKS, Mosin Nagant aficionados be warned

    Photos from a backyard gunsmith in Iraq are showing a myriad of customization on Kalashnikovs, Lee Enfields (No.1 SMLEs and No.4s) and Mosin Nagants in some very interesting ways. Attempts to add picatinny rails, scopes, thumbhole stocks, forward grips, and bullpup conversions are all displayed in their full glory here. As you look through the pictures you can see the results of trial and error as the gunsmith attempts different improvisation methods, then going back and perfecting them for the next round of home manufacture. Some of the Lee Enfields have had their barrels replaced with 7.62x54Rmm PKM barrels, while others retain their .303 ones. Many appear to have Harris imitation bipods mounted to forward sling swivels as well as different scopes, to include Barska optics. Also included are SKS paint jobs, and the welding of picatinny rails to receiver covers, a product that has long been available in the United States.

    The designer seems to be a large fan of woodworking, cutting all sorts of wood into thumbhole stocks replacing the original wood stocks of these rifles. This particular Lee Enfield had its barrel cut down as well, in addition to the magazine having an enclosure around it.


    And what I assume the rifle looked like before with the cut down barrel


    One of the No.4 Lee Enfields appears to have been cut down to outwardly resemble an L42. This particular rifle also appears to have been in use with a member of the Iraqi defense forces, as he is pictured with the rifle while in uniform.

    14800715_2012201349006231_1454759415_n 14804863_2012201222339577_1022657560_n 14518575_556619747856846_1362686636_n

    This bullpup Kalashnikov appears to be a particularly interesting job, with a wood cut out for the stock, and a rod from the new trigger to the old. Trigger pull must be atrocious.

    14627940_563570367161784_917887946_n 14657712_563570330495121_1143086418_n


    Then a hodgepodge of Lee Enfields, SKSs, and Mosin Nagants in different stages of customization.

    14800796_2012202505672782_1413153004_n 14804891_2012201202339579_328712665_n 14798757_2012203029006063_1225866596_n 14813659_2012201332339566_508905605_n 14825615_2012202739006092_2023393037_n 14825783_2012202552339444_1885616652_n 14800671_2012202632339436_795658837_n 14825783_2012202439006122_1376912088_n

    Then we have this crazy SKS-

    14695305_1827864544125382_8179010375300913233_n 14695416_1827864577458712_8745548769570720629_n 14702440_1827864487458721_3986144324256368529_n 14716298_1827864524125384_1518755828624228030_n 14720553_1827864464125390_6144336265109581579_n


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