Sneak Peek: Otis Technology drop-in AK Rail

    Chris Bartocci of Small Arms Solutions LLC just released a video, where he reviews a pre-production prototype of a new Otis Technology drop-in AK rail.

    This rail slides on the AK rear sight base without any need to remove the rear sight. That makes it a true drop-in accessory and sets apart from other AK rear sight rail mounting options available on the market. This accessory adds 10 slots or roughly four inches of Picatinny rail to the AK platform. The rail attaches by a hex head set screw from either side and by two similar screws from atop. Of course, adding any kind of thread locking compound will help to keep the screws in place. The rail also has a built-in compartment to store the Allen wrench.

    The installation is very simple. All you need is to slide the rail over the AK rear sight and tighten the screws in an alternating sequence as shown in the video. Because this is a prototype, the quantity or location of screws may change on the final product.

    It is also interesting that the rail was developed based on requests from customers in the Middle East.

    This product will be available within next few months with MSRP of around $70.

    Although Mr. Bartocci says that the high cheek weld is not a big issue in close quarter, I think it is going to be the main drawback for this rail. To me, it mounts the optics too high and doesn’t give the shooter any amount of cheek weld. It barely allows some chin weld. Maybe using some sort of cheek riser with this mount will solve the problem.

    Hrachya H

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