New: Kalashnikov VIKING-M 9x19mm Pistol and Kalashnikov Cup

    Kalashnikov Concern in partnership with “Kontinental Shooting League” (part of IPSC) held a practical pistol shooting competition called “Kalashnikov Cup”.

    Matches lasted three days (October 20 to 23) and were hosted in “The Object” shooting range in Moscow. About 350 competitors from all over the world took part in the matches, each consisting of 20 stages.

    The awards for winners are specially designed trophies, which are not permanent and will be passed to the next year competition winners.


    Kalashnikov Cup trophies. Image by Kalashnikov Concern.


    Viking-m pistol

    On the last day of competition, Kalashnikov Concern introduced the new MP-446C VIKING-M pistol. The earlier model (without M designation) was the first Russian pistol to be approved for use in IPSC matches.

    The new version of the pistol was upgraded to meet Russian practical shooters’ requirements. The redesigned barrel makes it possible to extend the barrel life to at least 50,000 rounds. They also managed to decrease the muzzle flip and made the pistol better balanced. The grip and mag release button are now more ergonomic, too.


    MP-446C VIKING-M. Image by Kalashnikov Concern.

    The gun comes with different weight recoil springs, which allow adjusting it to a certain load and/or shooter. Another improvement is the new magazine, which is a double-stack single feed one. However, older double feed magazines still can be used in the gun.

    The new VIKING-M also features a Picatinny rail and accepts aftermarket Glock iron sights.

    VIKING-M Tech Specs:

    Caliber: 9x19mm

    Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds

    Barrel Length: 4.72″ (120 mm)

    Overall Length: 8.11″ (206 mm)

    Height: 5.7″ (145 mm)

    Width: 1.5″ (38 mm)

    Weigth: 33.5 oz (950 grams)

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