NEW: BullGator Camo from TWN

    Whether you’re a hunter or not you probably have more than a few camo patterns in your house. And while the most recognizable brands such as Mossy Oak and Real Tree certainly dominate many closets and gun safes there are a multitude of other patterns out there. In fact, some of the most eye-catching patterns were designed by less well-known companies. TWN is one such company although they are by no means new to this. They’ve been working in water transfer – think hydro dipping – for twenty years. Their latest offering comes as the result of a collaboration with a newer business, BullGator Outfitters. The pattern is named for the outfitter and is what it sounds like: an alligator print, with a twist.

    BullGator Outfitters was established in 2013 by the Martin family although they themselves began gator hunting back in 2004. The Martins have spent years working on their own camo pattern and the end result, BullGator, is described by the outfitters as follows:

    “BullGator is a natural animal based micro and macro pattern, allowing it to blend into most all environments. The “earth toned” color scheme features mostly tans and browns with a touch of grey and green. This makes it extremely effective not only in South and Eastern forest terrains, but also in the Rockies as well as the arid Southwest.”

    From TWN:

    “BullGator’s unique blend of colors, shapes and sizes allow it to be incredibly effective camouflage in a multitude of environments whether it be in the wooded Eastern US, Northwestern US, the Rocky Mountains or the sandy desert of the Southwest. It is extremely effective on the ground or in a tree. Not only is it great camouflage but it is extremely visually appealing to both the hunter and non-hunter.”

    BullGator camo pattern

    BullGator camo pattern

    TWN can hydro-dip a wide variety of outdoor gear in the new BullGator pattern. They say the most popular items are, of course, firearms, knives, compound and recurve bows, crossbows, binos, and ATVs, among others. You can visit their website to contact them for information at

    To take a look at BullGator Outfitters’ website, visit

    Speaking as a fan of gator hunting I have to say it would be awesome to have my favorite gator gun hydro-dipped in this new pattern. It’s always nice to see diversity in the camo pattern part of the industry (remember when Kryptek was new?). Watch the video below for a look at the outfitters’ promo for their new camo pattern. What do you guys think?

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