Final Shipment of Cz858s Arrives in Canada: Sparta Edition

    A final sunset to the saga of the Cz858 in Canada. For those of you who don’t know, these Czech Vz58 variants were banned then rescued in 2014-2015. Now the rifles are safely on the non-restricted list again, but the plant in Brno is committed to the Bren and Skorpion firearms that have seen such widespread popularity in the USA.

    Canadians have been told that there will be no more Cz858s coming, but importer Wolverine Supplies secured something special for the final run.

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    245 guns snuck their way through the production line, and were outfitted with a particularly special set of furniture and engravings. Unlike the “beaver barf” pressed wood handguard, grip, and stock seen on most of the rifles over the past 12 years, the “Sparta” rifles with ship with proper hardwood furniture. That includes a Maple Leaf on the stock and pistol grip, and the extremely relevant Molon Labe logo on the stock and laser engraved onto the bolt.

    cz8582 Sparta 3_zpsjn90kvce

    Wolverine is putting 15 guns into storage/personal collections, and releasing the remaining 230 to Canadian shooters. MSRP is set at $1,285.00 CAD, a fair jump from when these guns first became available. But considering a CSA Vz58 is over $1400 MSRP in Canada, and the fact that these won’t be seen again, it’s not as expensive as I might have guessed. I’m going to bet right now that the guns are sold out by the time this article goes live, but we’ll have to wait and see.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the different manufacturers of Sa58 style rifles, I actually just did a video for TFBTV on that very subject this week. Check it out.

    cz8581 Sparta 4_zps4xn2vdqi

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    Edward O

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