Colt National Match Ammo!?… Doubletap Recruited to Produce

    Colt National Match Ammo

    A lot of firearm companies are jumping into the ammunition¬†arena, and Colt wants in! They are teaming up with Doubletap Ammunition to produce two new lines of ammo. One series is “Colt Defense” that will initially stock 5 different calibers, and the second line will be “Colt National Match” with 5 calibers as well.

    Doubletap Ammunition has carved out a reputation for very potent and high-quality ammo. According to the President of Doubletap Ammunition, Mike McNett, they are very excited about the newly forged alliance:

    For the last 14 years Doubletap Ammunition has been manufacturing only high-end premium loads. Colt has recently joined forces with Doubletap to use that expertise as well as the strong Colt commitment to quality to form the perfect 1-2 punch for your firearms and ammo needs. Each load is hand inspected and tolerances are very tight. Though the price point on this ammunition is more economical, there is no sacrifice in quality. We are committed to only the best.

    There are a lot of firearm companies gravitating towards the ammunition market as of late. Sig Sauer notably started with their V-Crown hollow-points produced by Sierra Bullets. Ruger recruited Polycase Ammunition to produce a line of ammo for them which has also been very popular.

    Colt is hoping to capitalize on that same popularity with their new alliance with Doubletap Ammunition. Their initial caliber offerings as well as suggested price-points can be seen below.

    Colt National Match Ammo

    No announcement as to when you may see this ammo on store shelves at the moment. Our best guess is this could be something more readily available after the new year, or specifically, SHOT Show 2017.

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