TangoDown FFA-02 Front Sight Flashlight Adapter

    A few years back TangoDown released their FFA-01 rail mounted flashlight adapter with an integrated front sight for the AR-15. It was basically a front sight with an opening in it large enough to let a rail mounted weapons light like the Surefire X300 to fit through it. Why would anyone want to do this? Well usually if you want to mount your weapon light in this optimal 12 o’clock position you would have to remove your front sight or move it back behind your weapon light. However this would reduce your rifle’s sight radius, which you usually don’t want to do.

    Well TangoDown has released an improved version of the mount called the FFA-02 which works with the Surefire XC-1. The FFA-01 mount was made out of steel while the new and improved FFA-02 is now made out of aluminum with a Type III hard coat matte black anodize finish. The FFA-02 is meant to be used on ARs with a low profile gas block upper only, they’ll also co-witness just fine with your rear BUIS. The M16/M4 style front sight post is fully adjustable. It weights in at 1.5oz and is made here in the USA. They’re going for $95 over at TangoDown.com.



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