VHS K2 Bullpup in Iraq


    The VHS-2 assault rifle is made in Croatia. The same people that make the HS and XDM pistols. No, not Springfield Armory but HS products.

    The VHS-2 in the photo above is the VHS-K2. It is a bullpup rifle chambered in 5.56. It has some features found in other firearms. Like the H&K style selector markings and folding ambi-charging handle under the picatinny carry handle. Very reminiscent of the H&K G36. Even the magazines are similar in concept to the G36, they are translucent and have built in couplers.


    From the photo above the VHS K2 looks rather long. It sports a 16″ barrel and has an overall length of 27″. However the top photo shows a longer barrel, probably the 500mm length which comes out to 19″ barrel making the gun 31″ long.

    VHS-1 VHS-2


    Thanks to Steven S. for sending us the Iraq photo.

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