Walther PDP – a new Walther pistol? Well, almost … a non-lethal pepper spray gun by Umarex

    Walther PDP (Personal Defense Pistol) is a non-lethal pepper spray gun manufactured by Umarex (Germany). They introduced it earlier this year at IWA 2016.

    Umarex manufactures airsoft, blank firing and BB guns, as well as a number of defensive products. They make non-lethal licensed replica guns of many famous firearm brands such as Colt, Browning, Heckler & Koch, Smith & Wesson and several others. They also make Walther branded products, however their connection to Walther is a bit different than licensing. In fact, Umarex acquired Walther back in 1993 !

    The gun features Walther grip texture, it has a grip safety and comes in three color options – black, white and pink. The overall length is 4,92″ (125 mm), height is 4,72″ (120 mm), and it weighs 3.77 oz (107 gram).


    Color options of Walther PDP.

    It is a break-action gun using pepper spray cartridges, which come in three different types – conventional pepper, gel pepper and training. The cartridges are color coded and the gun itself has a viewing port to allow visually identify the loaded cartridge type.


    Three versions of pepper cartridges.


    Below is Umarex’s video about the Walther PDP and a couple of other new offerings:

    This product is available in Europe at average retail price of €50. I contacted Umarex USA to ask if the gun is available in USA. The contact person answered the following:

    This gun is not imported into the US. I do not know if this gun will ever be made available here.

    There are three other pepper spray guns available in the market: Mace Pepper Gun, CAA Lady Jean and Kimber PepperBlaster.

    I think pepper spray guns are better alternative to cans in terms of ergonomics and effectiveness. They also look like a real gun, which can be beneficial in a defensive scenario. And if for any reason a non-lethal defense tool is the only option, then carrying one of these should be a good choice.

    Hrachya H

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