NEW: DeSantis Holsters for Ruger LCP II

    DeSantis has been designing and manufacturing quality holsters since 1972. Of course, four decades ago the company consisted of founder Gene DeSantis making holsters one by one at his kitchen table; safe to say they’ve come a long way since then. One thing that has never changed is their dedication to quality and usability. Today they also work to provide a variety of carry options for a stunning number of firearms, and the latest gun to enter into their holster lineup is the new Ruger LCP II.

    Fans of the LCP might be the first to go for the LCP II but the new .380 ACP is likely to experience some serious popularity. After all, it’s a highly concealable pistol in a popular caliber, and its now modernized design is based on one that’s a fantastic seller for Ruger. Those who get the pistol will want options for carry, and if you’re anything like me that means more than one holster. Thanks to DeSantis, you have options.

    Holster options include the Mini Scabbard, which is a bare-essentials leather holster molded to the pistol’s frame. Retention is made possible with an adjustable tension device and it fits belts up to 1 3/4″ in width. Another option is the Summer Heat, a leather holster designed for IWB carry. A spring clip secures this holster to your waistband or belt. Then there’s the Incognito, a popular option due to its ability to hide in plain sight. Unlike the others this particular model is made from 1060D Senior Ballistic Nylon and appears to be a simple belt-level pouch. The pouch is held closed using a Velcro fastener and it can be worn either vertically or horizontally, which speaks to how securely it holds the gun.

    Also being offered: the C.H.A.M.P., Slim-Tuk, Pro-Stealth, Tuck-This II, Apache Ankle Rig, Inside Heat, Sof-Tuck, Pocket Tuk, Super Fly, Pocket Shot, Ammo Nemesis, and The Nemesis. MSRP starts at $25.99 and varies by holster.

    With these options the Ruger LCP II can be carried in a wide variety of ways from IWB to ankle carry to discreet nylon pouch. Thanks to DeSantis you’re more than covered when it comes to choices.


    I can attest to the quality of DeSantis holsters from personal experience. And if you, like me, have a big box of discarded holsters in your closet I’m also comfortable saying it’s well worth taking a look at these particular options for your carry gun (even if you don’t have a Ruger LCP II; suffice to say DeSantis probably has multiple options for your gun, too).

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