Caracal Replacement Pistols Now In USA


    Caracal USA announced that the upgraded Model F pistol has now made it to the shores of the United States. For customers subject to the 2013 recall, this should be good news. According to the company, the updated Model F pistols will be dedicated to taking care of these existing customers first.

    The company states that the updated pistols have a variety of upgrades including these:

    • redesigned trigger safety,
    • redesigned trigger bar,
    • redesigned firing pin unit, and a
    • redesigned Multi-Function Unit (MFU)

    Caracal USA states the Multi-Function Unit is now a machined, single piece unit. According to Caracal, the “exterior aesthetics” and “overall ergonomics” remain the same. Although not explicitly stated by the company, I hope this means the exterior dimensions are the same so people affected by the recall are not forced to buy new holsters for the replacement gun.

    No information is available regarding when a replacement Model C might be arriving. However, the company stated that customers can trade the old Model C for a new Model F.

    Caracal USA has a special e-mail address and phone number set up for customers affected by the recall. They areĀ [email protected] andĀ (208) 323-8727 respectively. If you are calling, they are answering between 0800 – 1700 Mountain Standard Time.

    Previously, Caracal recalled all Model F and Model C pistols due to potential problems with the slide breaking when being fired and the gun possibly discharging if dropped.

    Richard Johnson

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