Tango Down Adds Glock 43 Slide Racker To Vickers Tactical Line

    Sometimes in a self-defense situation, your hands might be a bit too weak to grasp the slide or even get a bit slick with sweat, mud, or even blood. The factory Glock 43 slide serrations are adequate in most situations, but some people might have a bit of an issue with grasping the slide.

    Tango Down has partnered with none other than Larry Vickers to add a solution to the problem of slippery slides to the well received Vickers Tactical line. Now those that want to get a better grip on their gun, or just prefer the feel of a slide with slide racker “wings” attached to the back can do so on the cheap.

    Tango Down says that the Vickers Tactical Slide Racker is small enough to stay unnoticed in a concealed carry holster while providing a lot of grip when pulled on. The new part appears to directly replace the factory endplate, which means no permanent modification to the slide.

    Available now on the Tango Down site and priced at a meager $18.95 the new slide racker is an inexpensive upgrade to your favorite carry pistol. You can learn more about the new addition to the Vickers Tactical lineup from Tango Down website HERE.

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