New Gun: Cimarron’s El Malo

    Cimarron El Malo

    Cimarron announced a new line of revolvers called the El Malo. Part of the company’s value line of handguns, the El Malo is available in six variations. Three of the guns are chambered in .357 Magnum while the remaining three share the same features as the first, but are chambered in .45 Colt.

    The first model is the PP400MALO with a 4.75″ octagon barrel. Weighing in at 2.5 pounds, this revolver has a color case hardened frame and smooth walnut grips. It is chambered in .357 while the model PP410MALO is the .45 Colt model.

    The next model is the PP401MALO. It has an octagon barrel that is 5.5″ long. A blued finish with a color case hardened frame is standard. Guns of both calibers also weigh about 2.5 pounds according to Cimarron. If you want the .45 Colt version, it is model PP411MALO.

    Wrapping up this new line of revolvers is the 7.5 barreled versions. These also have a blued finish, color case hardened frame and smooth walnut grips. Oddly, the company lists the weight of these guns at 2.5 pounds also. I’m guessing that someone entered the wrong information in the system on the weights. The .357 model is the PP405MALO while the .45 Colt is PP415MALO.

    All of the guns – regardless of caliber and barrel length – carry a suggested retail of $544.74.

    Richard Johnson

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