[Knob Creek] Demilled SCAR MK 17s, Suppressors

    One of the vendors at Knob Creek had this piece all neatly put together. We reported on these demilled SCARs back in the summer with a POTD, with a crate filled to the brim with them! These particular rifles seem to have been contracted out by the DOD to a civilian company to get torched, and later found their way to market, such with this piece right here. In August of this year there was a SCAR 17S in FDE recall, specifically of 417 rifles shipped from FN Herstal on the dates of July 28-29. I’m curious as to maybe this batch of civilian SCARs coincides with the military issued ones (the problem was with the bolt head hardness that could result in a catastrophic failure), and this was why the military ones were torched.

    DSC03390 DSC03391 DSC03392

    The vendor was selling the torched kit for $500, and it might have been used to Neutralize OBL in 2011. Now we know that an H&K 416 is most likely the weapon used. You really couldn’t do much with it even if you bought it, there was almost nothing workable left to put to use on a new SCAR rifle. Even the magazines were torched. In addition to the elaborate rifle display, he had an entire box full of suppressors of all makes and models, also torched down the middle from the Military.

    DSC03398 DSC03399


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