Best 4 Shooting Gloves (2016)

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    Shooting gloves are an accessory that some of us use when shooting. There are many reasons to use gloves for shooting. For some, the weather will dictate the use of gloves. Cold weather and fingers are enemies. So donning a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm to shoot is of great comfort. Another use for gloves is to simply protect your hands. Not that your hand will get damaged from a simple trip to the range, but not everyone shoots the same way. Some may hike out to their ideal shooting location. They might need to climb some rocks or trees when one goes hunting. Heat is another reason to wear gloves. If you do a lot of shooting, guns and suppressors tend to get hot fast. Protecting your hands from hot metal objects makes gloves a must have in your range kit.



    Oakley SI Assault Gloves

    1. Rugged micro-vented leather palm reinforced
    2. Carbon fiber knuckle plating
    3. Premium leather and durable synthetics with flexible articulated construction.
    4. Mesh zones and rubber exhaust ports for comfortable breathability.
    5. Surfacing on palms and fingers for a secure grip
    6. Textured pull for easy donning.

    The Oakley SI Assault Gloves are well known and iconic in the tactical shooting world. The carbon fiber knuckle protector works as intended. I wouldn’t go punching bad guys in the face with these but they do a good job of protecting your knuckles in case you bang them against hard objects such as working in doors or shooting off barricades. The fabric of the gloves is thin enough to not interfere with your manipulation of a trigger. The polymer Oakley ovals in front of the knuckles is for venting in hot temperatures. The SI Assault gloves come in Khaki, Coyote, OD Green and Black. They are available for around $80 depending where you get them. I usually see them at Oakley Vault stores. However the best price I have heard of was my friend in Baltimore got a pair at an Oakley Vault for only $25 a few years ago.



    PiG Full Dexterity Tactical Alpha Touch Glove

    1. Single Layer Multi-Piece Palm- Designed specifically so that only one layer of material contacts your shooting grip.
    2. Sensitized and Isolated Trigger Finger- The thinnest available Clarino_ material available, only on the trigger finger for ultimate sensitivity.
    3. Selective Forschette Material- Inside forschettes are ventilated for maximum wicking. Outer forschettes are Clarino for durability.
    4. Dual Flex Joint Trigger Finger- Providing maximum flexibility where you need it most.
    5. Bar-Tacked Para Cord Pull Loop.
    6. Micro Suede Nose Wipe
    7. Ventilation holes in Palms and Fingers- Increased wicking.

    Patrol Incident Gear developed the FDT Alpha glove to overcome the issues with competitor gloves. Eliminate excess bulk and all full dexterity while manipulating firearms. Specifically handguns. According to PiG, a FAST Coin was achieved while wearing a pair of FDT gloves. An achievement thought to be impossible with gloves. Their Touch Glove has a special fiber sewn into the tips of the index and thumb so you can operate a smart phone without needing to remove your gloves. The Touch gloves are available for around $42.

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    Under armour coldgear infrared scent control 2.0 primer gloves


    1. ColdGear® Infrared printed lining uses a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb and retain your own body heat
    2. Under Armour® Scent Control technology traps and suppresses odors so you’re less detectable and more lethal
    3. 6.0 oz. PrimaLoft® Insulation is lightweight, water-resistant, breathable & ultra-warm
    4. Silicone printed palm for extra grip
    5. Low profile adjustable cuff
    6. Touch screen compatible fingertips
    7. Polyester/Synthetic Leather/Spandex/Silicon

    These gloves have Under Armour’s ColdGear infrared printed lining to keep body heat inside the glove. On top of that they have Scent Control to keep your body odor inside the glove. Which makes them perfect for hunting in the cold. The palm has printed silicone for improved grip and traction. These gloves also have touch screen compatible finger tips. These are a bit pricier than the other gloves at $69.99. They come in RealTree camo, Black, and their proprietary desert/multicam like camo pattern you see above.


    Mechanix wear Original Gloves

    1. Form-fitting TrekDry® keeps hands cool and comfortable.
    2. Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) closure with hook and loop provides a secure fit.
    3. Seamless single layer palm improves fit and dexterity.
    4. Nylon web pull strap.
    5. Machine washable.

    Mechanix Wear Gloves come in wide assortment of colors to fit your shooting needs. They have them in Woodland camo, Multicam, Wolf Grey, Mossy Oak, Coyote and of course black. The Original Mechanix Wear glove offers the minimalistic amount of protection. It features a seamless palm for better dexterity. However if you need more protection Mechanix Wear makes other gloves with added protection. From soft material protection to hard material like a pliable polymer seen in their MPACT line of gloves. You can go all the way up to MPACT-3 which has a molded thermoplastic rubber knuckle guard. Mechanix Wear gloves are the most affordable starting at $24.99 for their Original glove. For a more budget minded shooter you can go with their Fast Fit glove for only $15.99.

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