Return of the Lever Action Shotgun? Henry Rifles will offer a Lever Action Shotgun in 2017

    Henry Repeating Arms will start sales of a .410 caliber lever action shotgun in January 2017.

    They’ve recently released a video on their YouTube channel, where the president of the company Anthony Imperato talks about the entire Henry product line including some new guns. Among the new products, there is a lever action shotgun chambered in .410 bore.

    They’ve designed it based on huge customer request. The gun will have two barrel length options and they will manufacture it in their facility in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

    Earlier Winchester, Rossi and Marlin had .410 lever action shotgun offerings, but all of them are now discontinued. So that niche market became empty and Henry Repeating Arms saw the opportunity and took it.

    Other than the video there is no information available yet. It’d be interesting to know if they’ll make it smoothbore or rifled with .45 Long Colt compatibility. If Henry doesn’t reveal any details by the end of the year, then they’ll probably keep it to fully introduce in SHOT Show 2017.

    I think this shotgun will also become very popular outside the USA, because in many countries it is much easier to obtain a shotgun, than a rifle. So for an overseas lever action enthusiast, it will be a desirable product to appear in gun stores.

    Hrachya H

    Managing Editor

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