TFB Tip: Reticle Should Match Your Turrets On Optic

    We have the pleasure of getting quite a few optics in for review. The vast majority of them are largely excellent products, but there is always a feature that one sees (especially on the low-end) that absolutely puts a burr up my derriere… a mismatch between the turret adjustment and the reticle.

    Its common to see scopes have a mil-dot reticle and MOA adjustment. In fact, my Leupold Mark AR 4-12x40mm, which is a fine piece of glass. The scope came equipped with a standard mil-dot and has MOA adjustable turrets. Yes, I commonly adjust in to my target, but its annoying, especially when pushing shots out past 300 yards and/or in high wind conditions.

    Yes, its certainly possible to be perfectly functional with a “mismatched” set, but for one actually using the optic subtensions, having the turrets match makes adjustments on-the-fly significantly easier.

    Taking a look at the math is MrGMan9999:

    Just for reference at 1000 yards even (not meters)  1 mrad ( (milliradian) is 36 inches.   But that is 3.44 MOA  (minutes of angle)    1 MOA at 1000 yards is only 10.49 inches or 0.29 mrad.    So you really want your riflescope  (reticle and turrets)and spotting scope to use the same sets of units unless you are good at either multiplying or dividing by 3.44 all the time on the fly.

    3.44 is not an easy number to use in one’s head.


    Nathan S

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