POTD: My friend Rolf is a Firestarter

    Here are some pretty spectacular photos I managed to take during the European Handgun Championship 2016 (IPSC) that only recently finished in Hungary.

    Rolf Lönn started shooting 1979 and has won both the Swedish and the Nordic Championships in IPSC Senior and Super Senior category.

    He’s using a 3N37 8,4 grain load with PF 174.  The pistol is an STI Match Master 9 mm.

    Once upon a time he used to run a 9×25 mm, so he could very well be the starter of Global Warming.


    This is my friend Rolf. Rolf likes bakery. And flames. Be like Rolf.


    I guess it’s a miracle that the C More sight doesn’t melt.

    On this match white targets were scoring and red no shoots (don’t ask). Steel was yellow.

    At least until it started raining, and rained it did.


    Above: note the hammer falling.


    Due to some tolerance problems with the Geco cases Rolf had a lot of problems with jams, so unfortunately he lost a lot of points.

    As you can see on the picture below, the flame is going out sideways indicating a jam.