Berger Bullets Enthusiastically Acquired by Lapua & VihtaVuori Owners

    Nammo Group

    Berger Bullets has formally announced that Nammo Group has purchased them.

    This should make for a strong alliance within the shooting sports industry since Nammo Group already owns Lapua, a manufacturer of ammunition and reloading components; and VihtaVuori, a reloading powder manufacturer.

    Nammo Group, based out of Norway, is known for producing high-quality military and commercial ammunition. The acquisition of Berger Bullets should further strengthen that. The president of Nammo Group had this to say in a public statement:

    Having Berger Bullets on board is the perfect match for Nammo. Their products, which are complementary to our other premium brands, will strengthen our group’s strategic position in the US commercial ammunition market.

    At the moment, Nammo does not have a strong presence within the United States aside from their following with reloaders. Vihtavuori is a very high quality, but expensive powder available to most reloaders. The same can be said for Lapua brass components. This purchase could be a push to start making a new label of ammunition or to get the Lapua lines to market more within the US. The president of Berger Bullets possibly eluded to this, but he certainly sounds grateful and optimistic for the future:

    Supported by Nammo, Berger will continue to produce the highest quality rifle bullets in the world. Written words fail to describe how excited we are about the future of Berger Bullets and the growth of the other premium Nammo brands within the US market.

    The full press release between Berger Bullets and Nammo Group can be seen below.

    Nammo Group

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