Sig Sauer Legion PVD finish concerns

    On a number of social media groups and online forums across the internet, there have been reports from Sig Sauer Legion owners of the finish on their handguns wearing off, rusting in spots, or cracking off after relatively little time of ownership or use. Initially it appeared to be user blame in some of the cases, but a general search reveals that a number of owners are coming forward with complaints. The finish in question is their PVD process that uses a abrasion-resistant finish. Also, the pistol has an Alloy frame, with a Stainless Steel slide. For those who don’t know, PVD is-

    Physical vapor deposition (PVD) describes a variety of vacuum deposition methods which can be used to produce thin films. PVD uses physical process (such as heating or sputtering) to produce a vapor of material, which is then deposited on the object which requires coating.

    These are 11 PVD finish issues I fround concerning the Legion. This is also just from a simple Google search of Legion finishes.

    Pistol 1-

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    Pistol 2-

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    Pistol 3-

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    Pistol 4, more of that ring rub again. Also the holster is made by Savage Holsters in case you were wondering!-


    Pistol 5-


    Pistol 6-


    Pistol 7, this Legion left the factory and a gun shop without any Sig markings on the slide-


    Pistol 8-


    Pistol 9-

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    Pistol 10, the slide is flaking-


    Pistol 11-

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    Pistol 12 and 13, not pictured as I’m not able to get pictures at this time of rust on the slide and frame. If I can get pictures of them, I’ll update it.

    Places the finish is becoming worn down are specifically the front strap of the grip, and the top of the slide. In addition to the usual spots being worn down on the slide rails on the frame, and inside the slide itself. A common cause for probable wearing down of the front strap is “ring rub” or a shooters gold wedding band scratching up the frame. Although this may be the case for a number of shooters, I think the fact remains that this isn’t common across the spectrum of modern handgun finishes. Two Legion owners that I know personally stated that rust was beginning to form on the top of the slide, and the back strap of the grip. The second owner stated that it was probably from carrying the pistol appendix style, so sweat accumulation could be the culprit.

    All firearms wear down. They get shot, dropped, handled, holster wear, etc… But the rate that these Legions are wearing seems to be much faster than other modern non polymer frame handguns. If this is happening within the first year of sales, what will these Legions look like five, ten years down the service road?

    Luckily, Sig Sauer seems to be very responsive to owner complaints and is shipping back slides and frames when owners are calling up about them. In addition it appears that the PVD finish complaints are more leveled at the 2016 series instead of the 2015 manufacture series.


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