Keanu Reeves Training For John Wick 2 With Aaron Cohen

    Keanu Reeves trained with Aaron Cohen of Cherries Apparel. Aaron Cohen is a former member of Israel’s “counter-terrorist ” special operations unit, Duvdevan. He is based in Los Angeles and has been training Keanu on deep concealment pistol draws and AR-15 manipulation. You can see some of the IDF training in Aaron’s teachings. The “straddle a fat horse” stance is very apparent.

    Keanu is using the Cherries Medina X Deep Concealment holster. As you can see in the photo below it rides below the belt line.


    In the video you can see Keanu consistently sticking his left hand inside his pocket. This is to aid in retrieving the firearm from deep concealment.

    Keanu deep 2 Keanu deep  Keanu


    Here is a video of the Medina X Holster and how it is worn as well as how one draws the handgun from it.


    It is good to see Keanu getting some training however it looks a bit odd and awkward to me. Of course this may not be the final product and the video could be some of his earlier runs. The AR15 mag change looks too slow and incorporates the Magpul Dynamics mag flip. I will say this though, Keanu’s transition from Rifle to Handgun is very quick and smooth.

    With regards to the Medina X, it seems like an awkward setup that requires your left hand to reach into your pants pocket and push on the barrel of the gun to aid in drawing it from the holster. What are your thoughts?

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