IV8888 Takes A Look At The Lithgow F90 Atrax Bullpup

    While Nathaniel F. was at NRA 2016, he posted about Lithgow Arms bringing the F90 Atrax bullpup to the US market. Youtuber IV8888 gets a chance to run a select fire Atrax through the paces on their range, lucky.

    The F90 Atrax is a variation of the Steyr AUG bullpup as explained in the excellent blog post by Nathaniel, that was developed for the Australian Defense Force to replace the F88 (their military designation for the AUG). With the introduction to the US market, I expect there to be plenty of interested buyers given the rifle’s MSRP comes in under the $2,000 mark and takes AR-15 mags like it is expected to.

    In the video IV8888 not only has a ton of fun blasting some pumpkins on full auto, but he also uses the 20″ barrel to push the rifle out to 600 yards using an Elcan Spectre 1-4x optic with rather success. The performance of the Atrax at range even under full auto fire is nothing short of impressive. I have to say; the Atrax is rather attractive even though I am not much of a bullpup guy.

    Check out Eric’s video below; you get shooting, some light commentary, and even a quick field strip.