[Big 3 East] Pantheon Arms Doomsday Suppressors

    Pantheon Arms, a sister company to Huntertown Arms, is the maker of the DOLOS quick change barrel system. They are coming out with a new Dolos keymod handguard and an MLOK Handguard. They will be available in 9″ or 12″ for the standard DOLOS kit. A longer 15″ handguard will be available as an accessory.


    Huntertown Arms, known for their suppressors has simplified their product line. Now they make only five suppressor models. All Titanium bodied with steel baffle cores. They are direct thread and user serviceable. They have a 9mm carbine can for $599 and their C22 rimfire can is only $289 with aluminum baffles. $389 for steel baffles.

    Silencer Inc, a new division of Huntertown, is making low cost suppressors called the Doomsday cans.

    IMG_6253 IMG_6254

    As you can see above, they are a two piece design. The welds are external. They are not good looking but for what they lack in aesthetics they make up for in pricing. Their 5.56 can will retail for $300 and their 7.62 can will retail for only $350. They will make Titanium sleeves for people who want to cover up these cans.

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