Ameriflage Concept Is Reality | Thanks Dugan!

    Dugan Ashley was a genius before his time with concepts like Ameriflage, embracing the Sig P320 before it was cool, and the epic LMG Special mashup. Youtube didn’t quite know what to do with the guy, his popularity becoming stronger after he ceased to produce videos, CarniK Con has become a bit of a cult favorite.

    While I can’t say for certain that Water Transfer Printing’s new American Flag hydro dipping film was inspired by The Dug, I sure as hell want to believe it. The new finish has not only glimpses of Old Glory, but also 10 of the 27 amendments worked into the design as well.

    While Water Transfer Printing already offered the “One Nation” hydro dipping film, the new “Amendments” will appeal to the more die-hard patriot, three-per, Mellon Label enthusiast, and other folks looking for a dose of freedom with their firearm.

    The new film isn’t reserved for firearms only though, for those of you unfamiliar with the process, it can be applied to just about anything that is capable of being submersed in water. You can learn more about the new “Amendment” pattern hydro dipping film over at Water Transfer Printing’s website HERE. No price is listed due to the cost fluctuating based on the job.

    amendments-hydro-dipped-gun-1024x467 amendments-hydro-dipped-helmet-300x300