.22LR to 720 Yards?

    I saw the video title and nearly popped out of my chair. Considering that shooting 760 yards is well outside the realm of a majority of shooters, using the “lowly” .22 LR to shoot that far might was well be impossible…. but its not. Where Eric from IraqVeteran8888 has shown that .22LR can “kill” well past 400 yards, shooters Mark and Sam take it a bit further.


    Using CCI Velocitor 40 grain rounds and a bolt-action CZ 452 rifle, Mark and Sam take the loading past 700 yards. Using a water background (so they can see the misses), they take the round to hit a 24″ square target. To engage the target, the scope required 145 MOA of adjustment from the zero shooting at a downward angle and got solid hits.


    The 3/4″ pine board was not penetrated, but they stated that it was nearly penetrated (For reference, the IV8888 test used a 1/2″ pine board to simulate a potentially lethal wound). Don’t ever let it be said that a .22LR cant reach out past 500 yards.

    My favorite part? The declination on the scope that allows them to offset for the substantial bullet drop. The shooter was required to use air rifle rings, which allow for scopes to be manually adjusted for long range air rifles.

    Nathan S

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