New Gear: LaserLyte Grips for NAA Revolvers


    LaserLyte is now selling three new laser grips for North American Arms revolvers. Two are variations on a design for the NAA .22 Magnum while the third is designed for the NAA .22 LR and .22 Short revolvers.

    V-Mag – Colors!

    LaserLyte announced two new colors in the V-Mag laser grip line: pink pearl and white pearl. According to LaserLyte, you can:

    Accessorize purse pistols with NEW pearlescent pink laser sight!

    Both the pink and white V-Mag lasers are suitable for the entire line of NAA .22 Magnum revolvers. They run on a trio of 392 batteries with a constant on run time of at least one hour. The MSRP is $129.95 for either model.

    LaserLyte has a history of offering products in various colors like the Zombie Killer version of its pistol bayonet.


    The V-Mini is a grip activated laser that is based on the original V-Mag grip developed for the NAA .22 Magnum revolvers. It is designed to fit both the .22 LR and .22 Short NAA revolvers. It uses a constant on red laser for aiming. As with the original design, the V-Mini laser is located on a snorkle-like section of the grip the runs along the top strap of the gun.

    The V-Mini runs on three 392 batteries and is supposed to run for a minimum of one hour if left on constantly. It adds less than 1/2 an ounce to the weight of the gun and carries a suggested retail price of $129.95.

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