[Big 3 East] Warfytr Mag Pouches And Holsters

    Warfytr is a veteran owned company. They make and design products that fill a niche that other products do not.

    First up is their Down Draw Rifle Mag Carrier. It is a mag pouch that positions the AR magazine downward.

    how to release


    This mag pouch allows for a more natural and quicker mag release. You can twist the mag out or sweep/rotate it out of the mag pouch. Most mag pouches position an AR mag upside down inside the pouch. Which requires the user to pull up and then re-orient the magazine into the mag well. With the Down Draw Mag Pouch, the magazine is already positioned to go into the mag well, you just need to release it from the pouch.

    The mag pouch is ambidextrous however due to this feature the Down Draw Mag Pouch only works with two types of AR-15 mags. Standard Stanag GI mags and Magpul PMAGs. In the photo below I have circled the areas where the pouch interacts with the magazine and locks it into position.


    brownells-ar15-magazine Gen2 MOE


    So if you have a polymer magazine with similar forward protrusions, then it will work in the PMAG mag pouch by Warfytr.

    This locking design of their mag pouch allows up to 30 lbs of force to be applied to the magazine and it will not come out unless you pull the mag out properly.

    IMG_0881 copy 2


    They don’t just stop at making mag pouches. They created the Cinch Hooks. It is a clever and simple self adjusting belt hook that is also Molle compatible. The Cinch Hooks can work on any belt up to 2″.

    IMG_0768_zpss7g4fge1 05- MOLLE yes no




    Along with their Cinch Hooks they make the Fabri-Clip. It is a device that will allow holsters to securely attach to clothing without the need for a belt.

    IMG_0881 copy 3

    Yoga Pants


    The liberty holster is made from a CNC mold that is then vacuum formed and folded to make the holster. Warfytr is going to make a new version of their Liberty Hoster, called Liberty Elite holster. The Eite can accommodate a pistol mounted red dot like an RMR, a weapon mounted pistol light and the end will be opened up for longer slides and threaded barrels.


    For more information, check them out at Warfytr.com

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