[Big 3 East] Glock G18C Throws Fire

    Glock attended the Big 3 East event last week just two days prior to Hurricane Matthew’s arrival and land fall. They brought an assortment of Glocks with them.

    I was surprised to see the differences between the Glock 41 and Glock 40. .45acp long slide vs 10mm long slide. The Glock 40 slide is wider and longer than the Glock 41. I shot a 6 plate rack against my friend Kevin Landers. He was using a Glock 34. He was quicker on the trigger than I was but on the last two targets, they fell at the same time. I think the 10mm was faster so it caught up to the 9mm that was shot a split second quicker.



    The most intriguing was the G18C.


    I have shot a Glock 18C before but never noticed the slide cut at the top of the slide right above the selector switch.

    Glock brought out some interesting ammunition. HE Incendiary Tracers.


    They look like miniature missiles firing out of the Glock. Especially on full auto, it reminds me of seeing video of a gun ship or Apache firing rockets.

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